26 Flavours of Cornwall
In 2011, 26 launched 26 Flavours of Cornwall, a unique exhibition of writing and design, to celebrate Cornish produce. First shown at Trebah Garden in July 2011, the show then travelled round the county. 26 writers were paired with Cornish designers, and assigned a flavour, and our task was to create a poster and placemat.

I was very excited by this, with visions of clotted cream, pasties, fudge, ice cream, oysters – and I got – cauliflower. However, on meeting my assigned designer Martin Nixon (thanks to him and his family for housing a stranger from London and giving me a wonderful time), I soon realised what fun this would be.

Martin took me to a farm restaurant, where we chatted with a local cauliflower grower over a delicious, home-grown lunch. During our conversation, he pointed out a man a few tables away who was enjoying a peaceful holiday with his wife. He turned out to be a farmer from Lincolnshire, and probably the UK’s expert on cauliflower.

26 Flavours ended up being the easiest – and one of the most interesting – research projects I’ve ever done. And, thanks to Martin, one of the most visually entertaining as well.

Did you know that in Cornwall, cauliflower is called cauliflower in summer, and broccoli in winter? Yes really. Find out more fascinating facts about this narcissistic vegetable here.