26 Posters
The first 26 project I got involved in (a few months after my first Dark Angels course – no surprise there then), was launched to coincide with the 2007 London Design Festival. The ad space on 26 billboards and 100 telephone boxes around London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow was donated by JC Decaux, and our brief – I paired up with designer Mark Noad – was to create a poster, telling a story in six words, that would make people stop and think about the local surroundings.

Our site was on the corner of Hendon Way – the old Roman Road, Watling Street – and Park Road, which led down to a protected nature reserve, the Welsh Harp – although from the road you’d never know it was there. What inspired us was that Hendon Way is largely a commuter road out of London (as we could tell by the ads on our billboard site), and our audience would be people travelling the same, straight line home every day, without giving pause to think what might happen if, just once, they took a different road.